The Human Mission

The BioDigital Human Platform simplifies complex health concepts through the power of visualization. Our platform reveals anatomy, health conditions, and treatments in interactive 3D, demystifying what goes on below the skin through friendly visuals. Trying to understand complex health concepts through text and illustration can be frustrating. By delivering health information within a virtual body map, the BioDigital Human addresses this problem.

Our vision is to empower patients, providers and all healthcare professionals with engaging, understandable health information - all delivered using the first ever virtual body platform. We want to impact health by enabling people to better understand and communicate complex subjects.

About Us

Back in 2002, BioDigital was founded on the premise that 3D technology could transform the way we understand health and medicine. The founders had witnessed its impact on gaming and Hollywood, and were determined to apply state-of-the-art 3D to healthcare as well. Together they opened BioDigital Systems – a biomedical visualization company – in New York City, and over the years, they have helped make biomedical information more accessible for a diverse list of clients, including hospitals, biotech and medical device companies, pharmaceuticals, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.

The reactions to BioDigital's 3D storytelling – from patients, physicians, healthcare providers, and educators - were so positive that in 2010, BioDigital decided to expand their technology to empower anyone with Internet access to learn about the human body - in a way that resembles life itself. A year later, the BioDigital Human was born. This interactive, medically accurate virtual body enables users to study anatomy, disease, and treatments. The platform is constantly evolving, as our team of software engineers, 3D animators, physicians, and scientists – all with specialized biology training – continue to add both content and features.