General FAQs

How do I access the BioDigital Human?
Just click "Get started" or "Sign up" to dive in – no need to download or install anything. A compatibility test will automatically run when you first visit our site, letting you know whether the Human is supported by your computer. Depending on the result, you can start exploring immediately! And since the platform is totally Cloud-based, no need to worry about updates, maintenance, or hosting!
How much does it cost?
The virtual body is completely free to explore. We want everyone to understand their health better, so we've made over 5,000 anatomical objects and animations freely available. We do offer a paid version, which gives you access to an entire suite of interactive tools, including saving and sharing functions.
What's the benefit of registering with my email address?
We’re constantly updating the Human platform with additional content and features. By registering, you'll be the first to know about these improvements, as well as special promotions and events.
Why should I upgrade?
The paid version of the Human platform gives you access to a full suite of interactive features: by upgrading, you'll be able to save custom views and cross-sections of the body, write yourself notes and create labels, share screenshots with peers, and access our quiz engine. See our pricing overview to learn more.
Do you have an enterprise version?
Yes! We offer volume-based group discounts to companies and institutions. The Group Plan also provides a private collaborative workspace for creating and sharing content. Contact us for more information at
Is there an iPad application? And can I access the Human on my mobile device?
Yes, our iPad app is available here through the App Store. PLEASE NOTE: This app is an offline mobile version of the anatomy found on It does not include all of the features found on the web app, but it does include bookmarking, the snapshot tool, and other unique features.

Unfortunately, the Human is not yet supported by mobile browsers, but it is coming soon...
Is there an API?
Yes! But it is currently available only for private use by our partners. Contact us if you have interest and would like to learn more!

Technical FAQs

What browsers are supported?
Chrome and FireFox currently support the 3D Graphics required by the BioDigital Human. They are freely available for download by clicking the icons to the right. The Human will also be supported in the upcoming release of Safari 6.0. Unfortunately, the HTML5 standard for 3D graphics (WebGL) is not yet supported by Internet Explorer or by mobile browsers.
What are your system requirements?
Because our system uses some very advanced 3D graphics, the newer and higher end computer the better the experience. A good video graphics card especially helps. Below are the minimum recommended system requirements:

Processor Intel Core Duo Processor or greater
Memory 4GB of RAM or greater
Video Card Graphics card that supports WebGL
Operating System Windows 7 or equivalent, or OSX 10.6 for Macs
Additional information on compatibility be found on Google's site here.
Why isn't the BioDigital Human loading properly?
First, make sure you're using either the Chrome or Firefox browser! If you're still having trouble, it may be because you're using an older computer whose graphics card doesn't have sufficient 3D graphics capabilities. Finally, given the amount of information that we've packed into the platform, loading the Human requires strong Internet connectivity. We know how frustrating it can be if you're having trouble ... The best advice we can offer now is to try accessing the Human on a newer Mac or PC.
I have a good computer and I'm still receiving the not compatible message. What can I do?
You can modify your browser settings to enable WebGL (3D graphics). The setting is found in different places in Safari, Chrome and FireFox. Simple instructions can be found here.
Where can I get more help?
If you have additional questions or suggestions contact us. We want to hear from you!