The human body revealed, all in interactive 3D.

Explore anatomy and disease, create and share custom views, and learn about your health.

  • Interactive Exploration Engaging information Health data delivered in interactive 3D
  • Customized Views Interactive 3D Anatomy Learn through exploration: search, zoom, dissect, quiz
  • Annotated Screenshots Visual Health Conditions Atlas of dynamic disease and treatments
  • Dynamic Animations Patient Communication Tools Difficult concepts made simple through 3D visualization
  • Personalized Labels Product Simulation Product value and training for business brought to life
  • Quiz Engine Fully Programmable Deliver custom content through the robust Human API
  • Personalized Labels Access Anywhere Fully web based, embed in your site or try the mobile app
  • Quiz Engine Personalized Visuals Label, draw, pin, save and share your 3D visuals

For Education

Quickly understand the most complex anatomy concepts through interactive visuals that make learning fun and intuitive.
  • Exciting education materials: Engage with materials that are information-rich yet highly compelling.
  • Difficult concepts made easy: Go beyond the limitations of illustration and video - interact with the human body in ways never-before-possible.
  • State-of-the-art 3D media: Customize lessons, share with a few clicks of the mouse, and collaborate with peers.

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Amazing!!!! Thank you ... years ago anything vaguely similar to this would have cost thousands or MORE!

1st Year Medical Student

For Providers

Communicate better with patients and their families.
  • Engaging health information: Provide patient specific visualizations that will help your patients and their families better understand their conditions and treatment options.
  • Save time and money: Quickly convey complex health information through friendly, easy-to-understand visuals.
  • Improve quality of care and satisfaction: Increase patient literacy and empower your patients with the information they need to make informed decisions.
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Stage 2 of the Affordable Care Act is centered on patient engagement. To improve quality of care and to lower costs, patients need to better understand their health. Integral to this is improved patient-clinician communication. The BioDigital Human provides a toolset to create patient-specific 3D visualizations, which will decrease the time needed for clinicians to communicate health information and provide patients and their families a deeper understanding of their condition. Equipped with this visual tool, clinicians will save time and save their organizations money - all while empowering patients to make informed decisions.

For the 500 years that we have been teaching Human anatomy there has been no other way to look inside the [living] human body for doctors other than actually opening it during surgery.

Marc Triola, MD, NYU
Associate Dean Educational Informatics

For Business

Bring to life your latest products by presenting pharma or med devices within the context of a virtual body.
  • Engaging marketing materials: Equip your sales and marketing teams with stunning visuals to spread the word about your latest products.
  • Portable and cost-effective visuals: Access information on-the-go through our Cloud-based platform, which enables you to pull up information through a browser or mobile device without traditional software development and maintenance headaches.
  • Connect with Providers and Patients: Demonstrate the value and proper use of your products by presenting them in the context of a virtual body.
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Visualize the value of your products within the human body. The BioDigital Human Platform provides a cost-effective, cutting-edge way for pharma and medical device sales teams, marketers, providers and patients to try your products in a virtual, safe way. Interactive 3D visuals increase engagement and comprehension. Take advantage of the Cloud - quickly and affordably publish your content to browsers and mobile devices without traditional software development and maintenance headaches.

Research indicates that learners retain 20% of what they hear, 40% of what they see, and 75% of what they see, hear and do.

Effectiveness Study, JD Fletcher